About Us

Knappily is a digital magazine app meant for the “knowledge-hungry time starved people” of today. The app, available for free on Play Store and App Store, comes with an interesting framework – 5W1H (What, Why, When, Where, Who, and How). The app uses this framework to not just uncover information about a topic but also provide complete coverage on it.

The app intends to be a one-stop solution for all the major issues ranging from politics, economy, business, sports to technology and law. The 5W1H framework helps the readers pace their learning. For instance, if the reader is familiar with the news, he/she can go skim through the ‘Whatʼ section, and slowdown in understanding the reasons under ‘Whyʼ or gaining context under ‘Whenʼ. The app achieves this through secondary research – by pouring over articles and reports from credible sources which are referenced at the end of each article.

Yashaswi Kumar, the CEO of Knappily, thought of the idea while delivering a guest lecture on operations management three years ago. He says that Knappily intends to make people “a subject matter expert in 2 minutes”. He adds that, "Knappily intends to solve the problems that arise from gaining superficial knowledge by reading only the headline and the summary of InShorts and other curation apps."