Step 1

Get the questions

As per the schedule, the questions are framed.

Questions are uploaded and made available for you.

Get the questions

Write your answers

Step 2

Write your answers

Write the answers using pen and paper, within the allotted time.

Step 3

Upload the answer sheet

Using our 'Upload your answers' tab, convert your answer sheet into a pdf.

You have an option to scan or upload a pdf / images.

Upload the answer sheet

The sheet is corrected

Step 4

Evaluation of answer script

The scanned sheet becomes available to the examiner.

The sheet is corrected, marks are assigned, remarks are mentioned.

Step 5

Get your feedback

You get the corrected answer script and answer key.

Analyse micro and macro remarks of the examiner.

Get your feedback

Track you performance

Step 6

Track your performance

You review your relative performance.

You can also compare your previous performances and compare with others.

You are ready for the next assignment!

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